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GB Gas Pipe Sizing Calculator

7.88 usd

A natural gas pipe sizing calculator for metric copper, stainless and stainless semi rigid pipes (U.K.). Simply input the information for the appliances Gas Rate size the meter length of pipe in the installation and how many bends will be used. This will tell you if the installation will meet the requirement of a 1mb drop from the meter to the appliance. If not adjust the pipe sizes to get an instant answer to see if it works.
Only works for metric 35,32,28,22,15,12,10,8 mm pipes Steel pipes or imperial copper equivalent sizes could be used to give you a good idea, but will not be completely accurate.
No need to use calculations and tables to work out pipe sizes, it even tell you what size of gas meter should be fitted. This design tool completes all the hard stuff for you.
Pipe tables and pressure drops will only work upto 30m lengths of the chosen diameter. If you find that the pressure drop does not change when changing the diameter, then try a smaller pipe size it may work. ALERT view if wrong pipe diameter is entered, saves simple errors. Removal of the tee pieces on the straight lengths, resistance is added when going around the corner only
Once downloaded the Licensing Service requires validation, this must be done via the phones CELLULAR DATA not through Wi-FI.